Client News PLUS A Publicist Worst Fear

UPDATE!!  Cocoa Sarai will be performing at The College Of New Jersey’s Annual step show. This will be her first NJ College performance.  So this is a big deal. Cocoa will also have her CD for purchase. This is a good event since it will expose Cocoa to a new potential fan base. She’ll be performing tracks off 1/2 past 7 and putting on a really good show.

Now with publicity and being a publicist you want to make sure that everything is correct. Proofread everything esp when working without outside people.  So when I got the flier for the step show I glanced over and show that everything looked fine till I reach the bottom and realized (GASP) THEY SPELLED COCOA SARAI WRONG

Now misspelling of a client name happens but when its going on a flier that going to be seen and distributed all over. The thing is that I sent Cocoa information correct spelling and everything. This is an annoyance but you have to roll with the punches. Since this is her first event at this school I am sure the student body is going to google Cocoa and if they have the wrong spelling it doesn’t help the situation. Now we have to make sure that prior to the show and the day of the event everyone knows the correct spelling.

This is just one more lesson learned in the life of a publicist. Somethings no matter what you do something will go wrong just wish it wasnt something like this.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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