Cocoa Sarai Hive Spot Recap.. Thank you Honey Mag

So last Night at Ella Lounge my client Cocoa Sarai performed  to a pretty packed house for Honey Mags “Hive Spot” event hosted by Cherry Martinez. It was a good venue its was nice and intimate so that everyone would be able to enjoy the show and see what was going on. Now bOnly Chick in the CiphereforeCocoa performed I walked through the crowd and tried to find out who there had seen her perform and as I expected there were a few people there that were going to get the “1/2 past 7 experience” for the first time.

I was also trying to make sure that she was able to do her interview after her performance as well as take pictures during and after her performance. Now of course there were photographers and videographers there but sometimes you just need some raw footage to see what was going on and to keep for your own portfolio.

At the end of the show we gave out signed copies of “1/2 past 7” that way everyone get to take a little Cocoa home with them and it allows for more people to enjoy her music and pass it on to others. Hopefully by Thurs.  the links and pictures will be up on Honey Mag site and I will post that link here as well.

Overall it was a great event everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and music. Cocoa dominated that staged an allowed the audience to feel what she was singing. The goal of this event was to hight light Cocoa  to get more people listening to her music and talking about her. To be aware of her presence as a true R&B singer and performer.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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