Its the first of the Month

Happy April Fools Day. Lucky for me I haven’t had any pranks pulled on me. It’s the first of the month which means rent is due, loans need to be paid, check books need to be balanced. Oh the joys of being an adult.

 As a new months starts its time to look over what I have done since last month. See what worked and continue and see what didn’t and stop. Setting monthly goals help me to stay on track and focus. I think that this is something that everyone should do. You write what you want to accomplish and by the end of the month see if you have met your goal or if you event took the steps to meet your goal.  sometimes the things I set out to do I don’t accomplish but I at least want to say I attempted to do them.

As I am working on a few projects multi tasking is key and sticking to deadlines. As a one woman show I have to stay on top of my game.

So I have 30 days to build up Solo Dove PR, to help my clients, to work on projects.  I know there are some specific thing that I want to do. I just need to take a moment sit and write them down.  (maybe that will be the next post) So I hope me and April have a good “flight”.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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