Some Quotes from the Mind of Nova Gionvanni

So my Twitter Friend Nova Giovanni (cool name right his twitter handle is @novagiovanni feel free to follow him)
has provided some pretty good tweets along the way. So he took it upon himself to send some of use his quotes from about Feb. till now.
Be warned Nova isn't for everybody so read at your own caution.

~Solo Dove~
"No disrespect to Haiti, but I think a lot of inner cities in America deserve a telethon too... "
"I hate when I break up with a chick, then think of all the pussy I turned down while I was dealing with her."
"One time, I fucked a chick so big that I nutted on her back then jumped in it and made a snow angel.
"I love Jasmine Sullivan... I lust a woman with some size! She can probably make Cheerios from scratch!"
"My ex is coming over. I hope she doesn't think we're having sex. I'ma tell her my period is on."
"Some pussy comes with too much drama... All good pussy aint good pussy... If that makes sense..."

"If we expect other people to have the same morals/values as us, we're setting ourselves up for a lot of disappointment."
"I wish all sluts would die in their sleep..."
"Shoutout to the women that don't pay you any attention until they find out other women want you..."

"Having sex with random women doesn't make you a man. I'm not trying to preach to you, I just learned that today..."
"I'm from VA...where we'll beat a bitch to sleep... ask Rihanna how Virginia boys do..".

"I masturbate with Suave Original Scent lotion, and every time I smell it on someone else - I feel a need to touch myself" 
"Any woman that wants to be HEAD of her relationship is either destined to settle with a sucker or a life of loneliness"

"Some of you know me personally, but a lot of you don't and act like you do. I know you, but won't let you get to know me
People imitate styles because they think if they do it like you do it, they'll get the same type of attention..."

"I don't have to TELL her "I love you" every time we hang up the phone, because my ACTIONS should already say that

Whoever says they don't need anybody to help them get to where they wanna go - is a fuckin' liar... "

"I'm UN-circumcising myself tonight with a needle and thread..."

"I wish ya'll trifling bitches would clean your house up before you take pics in it..."

"Damn, my toenails taste good as hell..."

"I swear some people log onto the internet to become a whole new person... Like a 'created player' on Madden..."

"My nipples look like dirty pennies..."

"You ever hit a chick from the back who didn't wipe her ass good and you see dingle-berries hanging from their ass hairs?"

"Its a beautiful day in Miami... I'm not in Miami, I'm just sayin'... :-/ "

"Every time I don't jack off for a while, a natural disaster happens. I'm going to masturbate more and save the world :-) "

"I've met a lot of folks and I think the funniest people have the saddest stories..."

"I don't trust women who say they don't get along with other women. That's like half the world you don't get along with."

"Stop being groupies for entertainers and start sucking off the soldiers, boost morale! Support our troops!"

"If you're a big girl and can't cook... You're a tease, and will burn in hell..."

"Pretty bitches lie to YOU... Ugly bitches lie to THEMSELVES..."

"Shoutout to the women that are only good enough to be babymama, but NEVER a wife. Happy lonely life, bitches..."

"Ladies who have had abortions will never be happily married because the ghost babies in her pussy will scare men away"

"When you're in a bad mood, don't happy people annoy the shit outta you?"

"Sometimes, when you don't respond to people - they give you better answers than you could have asked for..."
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