College Tour Planning

Working on this college tour is quite a task (SIGH)  between figuring out what schools should be target and comparing that list to if they have any upcoming events that my client can perform it is a slow but steady process. Also since most schools are in spring break speaking with someone is a little difficult.  Now since I’m familiar with most NJ schools and people within various organizations I can find a way to get in touch with people who are throwing programs and events. Now with the NY and CT schools that a whole other thing but with my sorority background I should be able to pull some strings. (Being a publicist is about who you know)

And now we are focusing on the tri-state areas then we will probably expand to other areas.  But right now I’m just like santa clause and making my list of colleges and checking it twice. Emailing and phonce calls are being done to insure that we can get as many performaces as possible. I am also thinking that even if we can do performance maybe we can do something else like go to the local college radio stations.

Another thing with this college tour is that I am making sure that price is something that is discussed early on so that there isn’t and issue later. 

I’m just hoping that this college tour goes succesful and that we can get some good exposure. And get some new fans in the process. So from now till May I will be working on the spring semester and also if we can’t do the spring there is also the Fall.

Happy Flying,

~Solo Dove~

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