When Opportunity Knocks

Oh my its been quite a week over here in Solo Dove land its like when it rains it pours. So far I have about good request for my Publicist services and some others that are on the back burner. And I got to thinking with all these “opportunities” when is enough enough should I really take everything that is presented to me.

When Opportunity Knocks.. sometimes you can’t answer

Now I know I can’t do everything that is thrown my way  but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think about it. I won’t partake in the opportunity where I can see what my ROI is, some people just want me to work for or with them on a project free of cost for “experience” or to “test drive” my services. Uh no that’s not going to happen. Also I will not work with someone who I don’t believe in their talent. I am learning to say no in a professional way. And say yes to the things that will enhance my learning and better my craft.

New Projects .. Opportunities for better

So here we go we have R&B singer Antonio Hill his music is pop with a little urban flare I think it cool he seems really nice so I am kinda excited to meet with him and see what we can come up with and if I will actually become his publicist.

We have lyricist Young Future who I have to meet with and help in the planning of his forthcoming mixtape and the assistance he will need with a party, press, venue, all that. I am also doing a little booking as far as finding him venue to perform which will expand his fan base.

And of course we have the lovely Cocoa Sarai who I am in the mist of planning and contacting people for her college tour. We are trying to get the tri state buzzing about Cocoa. So that’s New Jersey, New York and Connecticut We are not against traveling further but travel accommodations is something that we have to think about.

There is one opportunity that I got that I received that I will keep under wraps for now due to my excitement and (that is a secret)  I don’t want to be disappointed if I don’t get it so I will wait till I get the final confirmation.

All and all I am very excited that people are reaching out to work with me and that I gain more momentum in the freelance world. Every day I have a chance to do better, learn more, and meet more people so I will do my best.

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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