Happy Birthday to My Parental Unit

So on 3/15/51 my parental unit was born in Haiti she had me at 35 (YIKES)  and over the weekend I took her out for her birthday. Nothing major just a little mother and daughter time. Now my mama is a true old school Haitian mother she doesn’t like much but wants it all (yea she’s  crazy like that) 

Now I was thinking maybe me and my mom can have a nice grown up conversation talk about the future share some secret you know some real bonding… 

Welp that didn’t happen my mom is the comical type rarely do I see her show emotion. So while we were out she was  just cracking jokes and enjoying the fact that I was paying for her meal.  My mom and I don’t have those deep talks so we did what we do best and cracked each other up. 

Here are some key things my mom said that keep me rolling 

Complaining about the waitress 

Mom: why this lady keep walking back and forth 

Me : mom she’s the waitress its her job 

Mom: *sucks teeth* 

Talking about her food  

Mom: You know they don’t really cook the fish 

Me: what? 

Mom: They don’t cook it they just drop it in the grease no salt no pepper 

Me: So why you order fish and chip? 

Mom: Because I wanted fish duh Sandra o_0 

there was a baby that kept staring at us  

Mom: Umm the baby must be hungry he keep looking over here, give him one of your french fries 

Me: Mama no 

Mom: Why not you not gonna eat all them fries??.. are you 

No we don't look-alike


She was making the most of my money


See my mom is pure foolishness lol love her there but it was fun to hang with. I must take her out more often though. 

Happy Birthday 

The traditional Fridays Happy Birthday Jam



Happy Flying 

~Solo Dove~

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