Beltifi Secret Garden Luncheon

On saturday I had the pleasure to attended the Bel Ti Fi (Pretty Girl) Luncheon held at the Langston Hughes Library in Queens. Bel Ti Fi is an organization that is catered to the Haitian American young women. I was their January Bel Ti Fi. 

I have to say that this event was so well put together and I was able to meet and network with fellow Haitian American women. They had two panel discussion with representatives from CBS, NAMIC, the music industry, catering, art therapist  and the list goes on.. 

To be in a room filled with people like me who have shared the similar experience was very powerful and to actually have proof up on that panel that what I want to achieve can happen. As a first generation Haitian myself it was eye-opening for me to see so many other people like me.  From listening to the panelist it became even more clear to me that you have to surround yourself with like-minded individuals and people who are where you want to be. ( I also realized its time for me to get a mentor of some sort) 

While there I bumped into Stacy Armand who I had met at Cocoa Sarai LP Release Party just a few weeks ago. And of course with these types of events it proved to be great for networking. I made sure to carry my business cards and hand them to the panelist as well as take down some of their information.!/photo.php?pid=128075&id=100000400418054&fbid=105102179513129 (if you have facebook you can check out pictures of some of the panelist) 

I am excited to see what other events Bel Ti Fi will have because if the Secret Garden Luncheon was an indication the other events will be a hit. 

Jan. Bel Ti Fi


Sharing their knowledge and experience


Bumped into fellow Haitian Entrepreneur Stacy Armand

    • Christella Leger
    • March 16th, 2010

    Hello Sandra,

    Thanks for sharing your experience of the event with the general public. I have to agree that it was a wonderful luncheon with some very great women attending. I’m looking forward to more of the Bel Ti Fi events and workshops, but I’m also looking forward to read more of your articles!!!!

    Much success to you.



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