Not Just another TweetUP .. #PRSTUDCHAT TWEET

Went to a tweet up tonight for #PRSTUDCHAT so happy because #1 it was in jersey (YAY) no traveling to NY for me and #2 it wasn’t that far of a drive for me. We met up at the Wine Library which happened to be mins away from my very first job many moons ago at Panera bread.

What I liked about the event was that I got to meet with people working in the field as well as students. And we also got the chance to taste some wine which is always fun. I had the chance to speak with a few different people while there. I had the chance to speak with Deirdre Brekenridge author of PR 2.0 and Putting the Public Back in Public Relations while we talked she gave me the great idea to use my blog to interview fellow PR Pros. I think this is such a great idea since it will be a win win situation for me and whoever I interview.

And as always with any networking event here was the exchange of business cards and the sometimes awkwardness of trying to start a  conversation. But I did enjoy my time there and got to chat it up with some pretty smart people.  Now I go into planning mode for my first interview lets see how this pans out.

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

  1. It was great to meet you last night- so glad to her you enjoyed the event!

    Best of luck with the interview!!


  2. Thank you nice meeting you as well. I think the interview idea will be good.

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