Tonight is the Night

So I leave for New York in an hour and in about 3 hours the LP release party is underway. Excitement, panic, stress, annoyance, all of these and more  have set in. The venue is nice, RSVP list has been compiled, swag bags have been made. But I know from my many years of putting on events that something is bound to happen. Some unforseen thing will take place. But it is all a matter of how I handle it. Certain things I will not tell my client tonight in order not to stress her. (she has enough to worry about). So I am giving myself a pre-game chat, preparing my strategy, looking at things from all sides. I am Mike Tomlin and this event is  my Steelers team.

Wish me luck. Say a little prayer. And if your coming see you there…

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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