My first Album release party.. (insert panic)

My newest client is an R&B singer and songwriter from Brooklyn New York Cocoa Sarai ( you can find her on twitter, youtube, facebook) and I am helping with the publicity for her LP release party. I am so excited about this and I want it to turn out well. Media list, gift bag, venues oh my. But this is what I love to do and if I had the opportunity to do it full-time I would hop at the chance. ( I know be careful what you wish for)  Every time I work  on a new project I learn more and get to exercise the skills that I have and learn new skills.

As a new publicist you will  have many first but as a young publicist I think I will have more than my fair share. I know I probably made some mistakes along the way. (we all make mistakes people) Which after this is over I will go over and see what worked and what didn’t. But even my mistakes won’t take away from the fact I did my job. With the party just days away the emotions that I feel change by the hour. Either way  I can’t wait to see the turn out for this event I know its going to be a success.


If you want to go the party send me a message to RSVP

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

    • phyllis wright
    • March 3rd, 2010

    i am a true fan because i wactch this young lady grow up.she her self will tell you i wacth her grow into a beautiful young lady.and i will be there for her release party.

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