What did HAPPO do for you?

Did HAPPO Help

HAPPO has come and gone and it was a beautiful thing to see so many people within the PR community coming together to help each other out. Through the hashtag #HAPPO I was able to find out about so many opportunities and there were also specific once for different areas such as HAPPONYC for New York and New Jersey residents. Now I did send out my resume to a few of the places that I thought I would benefit from and they would benefit from me. So I am waiting on a reply. I do think that HAPPO wasnt only about find a Job but it was about coming together and meeting people within your field. This was about making connections and I do think HAPPO succeeded at that.

Now the key to HAPPO is not to limit it to that one day. The goal is to continue to help each other out. So every now and again search #HAPPO or if you have a tip bit to share add #HAPPO to your tweets.

Did HAPPO  help you.. Let me know

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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