Can Boyfriends Expire

What do you do when you want to move forward and your boyfriend is stalling like a hooptie in a snow storm?

Is there an expiration date on having a boyfriend?

Do you as the loving girlfriend stay and wait patiently till he pops the question or do you give an ultimatium for your marriage proposal.  How long do you stay boyfriend and girlfriend is there an expiration date? How long is too long?   If you are dating someone for a number of years and everything is going well and you both want to get married but your boyfriend just hasn’t popped the questions. He says he loves you shows you he loves but why doesn’t he proposed.

My whole take on these long boyfriend girlfriend stints is this:

After a certain time you need to evaluate the situation and make sure you and your man are happy. If you both are happy in your long-standing boyfriend girlfriend situation cool.  Let Love Live I say

BUT and I say BUT

If you as the girlfriend are seeing no end to this boyfriend stuff you have to decide how much longer you are going to wait for him to pop the question. It is important that you talk to your boyfriend so that he is aware that you think the marriage talk needs to happen. Having the marriage will allow each of you to see what each other thinks about marriage. Now the marriage talk should have been taken place if your in a 6, 7, 8 year relationship but hey sometimes things like that slip through the cracks.

Following the marriage talk you need to figure out will your boyfriend stay your boyfriend will he soon become your fiance’ or will you have to let him go. Personally after many years of dating the whole boyfriend this has to be put to rest. A relationship is a progression from boyfriend to fiance’ to husband. I can not be in a relationship that is not going anywhere. For the late 20 somethings to the early 30s dating is often less about the  fun and more about finding that life partner.  There has to come a time in relationships where we don’t settle.

Do boyfriends expire.. Yes they do

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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