HAPPO… Will I be a success story?.. Will you hire me?

Today is officially Help a PR Pro Out day *cue the confetti*

Now after weeks of  blog posts,  information gathering and  resume revisions HAPPO is finally here and I am hoping that I am one of the success stories that happen as a result of the PR community coming together.

So let’s get to it:

Who is Solo Dove?

A. Solo Dove is me Sandra a freelance publicist from the great state of  New Jersey who doesn’t mind traveling to NYC for work (as long as I can figure out which train will take me there) I can furnish my resume upon request and if you feel like doing a little reading you can read my interview with BELTIFI http://ow.ly/112IZ

Who do you work with?

A. Currently working with a poet (like the poets you would see of Def Poetry slam or  Nuyorican Poets Cafe) he’s been my client since January 2009. My newest client is a R&B singer Cocoa Sarai who I am helping with her LP release party.

What are you looking for? What is your niche?

A. I am looking to work either within a PR firm/Agency or working for a company that has in-house PR. either one will work as it will help me to gain more experience and understand  the dynamics of working with a PR team.

My niche is still being defined but as of now I am headed more so in the direction of lifestyle/entertainment. From the clients that I have now  and the interest that I have this seems to be the best fit for me. I try to learn as much as I can about those to industries so that I can be a better publicist.

Why should we hire you?

A. Because I have what it takes. I graduated college in Dec. 2008 and I was freelancing by Jan of 2009. The drive that I have my chosen profession keeps me wanting more and wanting to learn more. I can be a great asset to any organization. I know when to lead and when to follow. I have knowledge and skills that I can put to use immediately.

So will I be a success story? Will I be one of the PR Pros that get help? Will the PR gods come together and say ” You young publicist shall have and interview which will lead to a career enhancement”

Only time will tell, best of luck to all the other PR Pros out there.

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~


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