Help a PR PRO Feb 19th

A community effort

As a freelance publicist finding work can be a little difficult. I really want to work withing a PR firm or do in house PR because I feel that it will offer me with the experience that I need to further my career. I along with other PR pros now have the chance on Feb 19 to generate attention from potential employers and possibly  get a job. There are so many talented people who are unemployed and I’m hoping that they are able to get some job leads. Call me the ultimate optimist but I’m sure may great success stories will emerge for Help a PR Pro.

My tips

Some tips that I have made for myself so that I use this day to the maximum

#1. Update that resume.. I am sure there will be plenty sent out that day so revise and revise that resume

#2.  Make sure to use the #HAPPO to search the day of the event and when tweeting

#3. Make sure all my social networks are aware that its #HAPPO from facebook to linkedin

#4. Utilize my blog

Other important information

Now Help a PR pro is taking place via twitter with the hashtag #HAPPO (if you don’t have a twitter page this would be prime time to get one)  This is the link for the #HAPPO page

Key people to know  are @arikhanson or @valeriesimon for more information (check their twitter pages)

Check out the facebook page!/pages/HAPPO-Help-A-PR-Pro-Out/295729335282?ref=ts 

Happy Flying and Job hunting

~Solo Dove~

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