I HEART PRNewser.. No Really I Do

On Tues. evening I attended the I heart PRNewer cocktail party at The Hill in NYC. and there was also a special presentation by drop.io product lead Soraya Darabi. Like stated before me and train are not best of friends. So when I got off the path on 33rd street I was thinking “Oh a short walk to 30th and I’m ready to mingle”. After speaking with the nice security guard at Manhattan mall deterred me. The walk would be too much that like 6 blocks. 6 blocks?! So I hopped in the cab and was on my way. In hindsight I could have walked those blocks but it was a bit too cold for all that.

Networking Time

This event was packed with professionals who work in different areas of Public Relations. I had the chance to speak with a young man (21 yrs young) who will be working this years fashion week. I also met his friend who is interning for a Fashion PR firm. These two moved from Florida to NYC to persue their PR dreams. These two seem like a great pair and hopefully we will be able to keep in touch and hang out.

What I always try to work on at these networking events is how to introduce myself while another group is having a conversation. It’s like your scoping and trying to find that gap in conversation to jump in and say hello.

Last thoughts

I have to say I had fun at this event. I had the chance to learn about drop.io and the product lead Soraya Darabi (who I was already following on twitter). I meet people who worked at PR firms which is something that I want to do my self. Any event that I can go to and learn something that I didn’t know before is not a waste. And if I can meet some new people who will further my career and I in turn can be a help to them then I will continue to attend.  I love how PRNewser can bring some many PR people together. Whats a community if you don’t know the people in it?

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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