My last stop for social media week was the obliterati at R Bar. Those I was a little upset that I missed the swag bag (darn NJ to NY commute). But I must say it was a nice night.  Saw  a few people that I met from earlier events. And that is always nice. I went with my friend Zay so that help with mingling with the crowd. I had the chance to meet some people in different fields.

Topic of Conversation

I also had a good conversation with a group of developers about twitter followers. Now what the particular developer was say was someone told him they were a social media expert simply due to the large number of followers that they have. I thought this was upsurd so I had to join the conversation.  So we’re standing there have this  conversation that by simply having a large following doesn’t make you a social media expert, how companies need a better understanding of what exactly social media is, how people claim to be experts in everything now-a-days and as we were talking I was thinking this is what social media we is all about getting together and having a conversation, learning, and sharing ideas with people who are in your profession as well as those who aren’t.


Through out the night I met other people and collected business cards (a total of seven for the evening) .  The key thing is to email,  make real connections and have them as a resource. That way I can better help my clients. Often times its about who you know in this business that will give you that extra boost that you need.

Final Thoughts

Overall I have to say that I had fun doing my social media week experience. Next year I do hope that I am able to attend more events. I hope that everyone who attended was able to leave with some god information and had a chance to network and have fun.

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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