The Friendship Zone … No we cant be friends!!

After a few conversation will several different friend and a good talk with my BFF(best friend forever)  I realized that the friendship zone is a very real and scary place and often time people do not want to be in there.

The Upside of the Friendship Zone

In the early stages of dating or getting to know someone  if both parties  feel a connection then there is no need for someone to be placed in the Friendship Zone and a romantic relationship can progress.  Or if both people feel that a friendship would be better than having a romantic relationship there is a mutual understanding that the Friendship Zone is where they should stay.

The Downside of the Friendship Zone

Now to those that want to be more than friends the friendship zone is like a to by 4 jail cell or being a caged animal at the zoo. There are so many rules that have to be followed while in the friendship zone. If these rules are not followed then things can get crazy. I’ll give you some scenarios .

Scenario 1

Boy likes girl but girl doesn’t like boy at all. But girl wants to be nice and puts boy in friend zone. Boy takes this as a sign to try harder for girls romantic affection. (BAD MOVE) The girl will get frustrated with the extra advances and banish boy from her life. This in turn will cause boy to become A.) Crazed stalker B.) Women Hater C.) All of the above

Scenario  2

Boy meets girl. He likes girl more on a physical level. But  girl likes him more on a relationship level. Now boy cast girl in friendship zone and dangles intimacy and other false promises in front of girl like a caged monkey till girl eventually lowers standards sleeps with boy and then POOF boy disappears. This will cause girl to become A.) crazy and derange B.) a man hater C.) a hoe

Scenrio 3

 Couple breaks up. But either one or both want to stay friends because this will allow for everything to stay right with the world. Fast forward a few weeks later and things are turned upside down. Jealously has reared its ugly head because even though there are not together someone got a new significant other too fast. Questions like “Were you with them while we together?” start popping up. Also the love feelings that were one shared are not going away so easily so being in the friendship Zone is pure torture (watch this video and you will see whyDeborah Cox ft. R.L. – We Can\’t Be Friends)

 We should just be friends.. seriously

“We should just be friends” can often be a dreaded phrase to hear. But it happens and sometimes how it has to be. Certain people should not be together i.e. Whitney and Bobby, Ike and Tina,  Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, etc. What you do with this is entirely up to you if you truly want to be just friends then act like a friend stay in your friendship zone and be content. If you want to be more than friends you really have to realistic about what the outcome can be.  The risk of losing a friend and embarrassment are high in these situations. 

..Passenger participation time

What do you think? Do you have any friendship zone scenarios of your own? Let me know…

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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