Social Media Week NY: Media Bistro Tweetup

So I went to my first ever social media week event and that was the Media Bistro Tweet up. It was held at the Turtle Bay tavern. A very nice venue to say the least. It was indeed a packed crowed. I made a few connections that I hope will help me out.

The first two people who I meet where Micheal and Shirley. And I pretty much hung with them threw out the evening. Micheal works at Inside Edition. I always like meeting people within the television industry. Shirley who I later found out was Haitian like me is a freelance Event coordinator.

I met Saul Colt who nows all about social media and is from Canada I also met his colleague Lisa.  They work for which is a site that pulls together content from twitter, blogs, and website. Pretty cool if you ask me.

I met Wendy who is a freelance writer. She adds the African-American twist to her stories. I need to go check out some of her stuff. I also meet another Lisa how works in the social dept for a company that slips my memory at the moment.  Shirley says that I need to get to know Lisa  better. I will take her advice.

I met another PR person Rosemaire. She works in tech PR. Not my niche but always nice to meet PR people and you never know who she may now. She was really nice and offered to pass on any PR information my way.

All in all I event was well put together. Name tags of course to help spark a conversation. A big enough venue that you can walk around and mingle. Music wasn’t too loud so you can have a good conversation.

Now like I said I don’t do trains so it took me a bit longer to get home than others and the snow fall didn’t help either. I would have flew home but wings and snow do not mix. But I was happy to attend my first social media event.

Happy Flying

~Solo Dove~

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